Astels (Live)

Funk / Soul / House

Astels is a new duo composed of the talented producer, DJ, and multi-instrumentalist THEOS, and the singer-songwriter Noa Milee. Together, they create a bold fusion of retro aesthetics from the 80s and 90s, infused with diverse musical influences. Their music blends funk, hip-hop, house, RnB, and soul, and has already garnered a large fanbase worldwide, evident in the millions of views on the videos they regularly share on social media.

From a young age, THEOS was immersed in the world of jazz, thanks to the musical education provided by his parents, particularly his father, an experienced pianist. His diverse influences, ranging from D’Angelo to The Notorious B.I.G, and Herbie Hancock, can be heard in his music. He has developed a unique musical aesthetic, blending funky grooves, hip-hop beats, and mesmerizing house sounds, which he honed during his early musical journey.

On the other hand, Noa Milee embodies the spirit of the soul and pop singers from the 2000s. Since a young age, she has been influenced by artists like Amy Winehouse and Ariana Grande. Her voice brings an emotional dimension to Astels’ music, adding a touch of sensuality to their sound.

With the release of their debut single, ‘Drive To You,’ and many more to come, the duo is now ready to set the stage ablaze with their contagious energy and irresistible sound.