KX9000 (DJ)

Franco-Tunisian talented producer KX9000 embodies the forefront of French electronic music artists, drawing inspiration from a wide array of genres including disco, Chicago house and broken-beat. With a consistent presence on esteemed labels like Pont Neuf Records, along with notable releases on Apparel Music, Blaq Numbers or Oath’s LYAM, KX9000 has garnered recognition as « one of the most remarkable producers of his generation » by Mixmag, showcasing his impeccable production skills.

In his latest releases KX9000 masterfully amalgamates his personal influences, resulting in a cohesive body of work that accentuates the vibrant diversity of France’s thriving electronic music scene. In terms of live performances, he has graced renowned venues such as Rex Club, Badaboum, IBOAT, and the illustrious Sisyphos club in Berlin, as well as taking part in the esteemed Marvellous Island Festival.