Lyss (DJ)

Introducing Lyss, a burgeoning force in the electronic music scene, whose journey began amidst the pulsating rhythms of Lebanese raves before finding her stride in the vibrant musical landscape of Paris. With her ability to seamlessly blend house, progressive and oriental electro inspirations, Lyss has swiftly ascended to become a standout talent. Her performances have graced esteemed venues such as Badaboum, Jazz Cafe, Sacré, and Djoon. Not content with merely captivating clubgoers, Lyss has also left her mark on some first festival stages like Marvellous Island and Madame Loyale. As 2024 unfolds, Lyss prepares to unleash her debut track under the esteemed banner of Pont Neuf Records, hinting at the promising trajectory of an artist poised for even greater heights and ready to infuse her unique energy into festivals and clubs worldwide.