Mangabey (Live & DJ)

Born with an innate passion for music and sound, producer Mangabey has carved out a prominent place among influential figures in the current French electronic music scene. Driven by an early fascination with synthesizers and drum machines, Mangabey set out to transcend musical boundaries by creating a harmonious blend of electronic music and a distinctive world/jazz music universe of his own.

The results of these musical explorations have propelled Mangabey onto the international stage, aligning himself with prestigious labels such as Toy Tonics, Apparel Music, and Cracki Records. His desire to share this experience led to the creation of an equally eclectic and high-energy live set, providing him with opportunities to share the stage with renowned artists at major festivals like Nuits Sonores, Peacock Society, We Love Green, the Weekend des Curiosités, and many others.

In 2024, Mangabey takes a significant step by launching his own label, José Records, embodying a strong club spirit and paying homage to the iconic years of underground electronic music in the ’90s. This marks the first move before the release of an upcoming debut album, promising to establish Mangabey’s name for many years to come.