Saudade (Live & DJ)

Fabian Appolaire, also known as Saudade, is a multi-talented artist who excels as a live performer, DJ, producer, and label manager. The project’s inception occurred at Robert Johnson in 2017, where Fabian discovered the transformative power of the club experience, where the sound system, DJ, and crowd merge into one entity. This revelation propelled him to explore clubs across Europe in search of that elusive feeling and to find inspiration.

As a drummer and a student of harmony, Fabian infuses his minimal/tech house music with elements of percussion and jazz music in general. He has released several EPs between 2019 and 2021 on respected labels such as Carpet & Snares, Negentropy, Pont Neuf Records, and Daydream, the latter of which featured a remix by Brawther. When performing live, Saudade orchestrates a veritable laboratory of 100% analog synthesizers and drum machines, meticulously crafted to function as a custom-made (house) music instrument. Along his journey, he has earned recognition and support from influential figures in the music scene, including house pioneer Chez Damier, Brawther, and Jorge Caiado. In 2022, Saudade embarked on a new adventure by launching his own label, SAUDE!, debuting with a captivating EP that was remixed by Lowris.