Tour-Maubourg (Live & DJ)

Nu-Jazz / House

Tour-Maubourg is a flag bearer for the modern electronic underground scene in France. His releases have positioned him as one of the country’s most exciting producers in recent years, leading the way in France’s nu-jazz and house scenes, and accumulating millions of Spotify streams for lauded tracks like ‘Ode To Love’, ‘Manhattan To Brooklyn’, and ‘Artifice’.

Reminiscent of artists such as St Germain, Nicolas Jaar, and Ron Trent from bygone eras, his debut album ‘Paradis Artificiels’ received acclaims upon its release in 2020, garnering recognition from Tsugi, Trax, DJ Mag, Libération, Radio Nova, Dure Vie and many others, including a live performance on France Television’s show Séquences. His highly anticipated new album ‘Spaces of Silence’, released in early 2023, released in early 2023 and already recognized by critics, further showcases the eclecticism of his sound, blurring the boundaries between soulful house, nu-jazz, and much more.

In recent years, Tour-Maubourg has toured across Europe, performing at renowned clubs such as Rex, Badaboum, IBOAT, NT’s, Sisyphos, Prince Charles, Audio, Goya Social Club, or Trädgården. He has also captivated audiences with his live performances at venues like Sacré, Ninety One, Rust in Copenhagen, and as an opening act at some of France’s biggest venues such as le Rocher du Palmer and La Laiterie. Additionally, he has made notable appearances at numerous French festivals, including Cabourg Mon Amour, Weekend des Curiosités, Marvellous Island, Ilots Electroniques, Douve Blanche, Madame Loyal, and many more.

Libération: ‘A serious contender for the leader of the new French house scene
Tsugi: ‘The worthy heir to St Germain and Nicolas Jaar
FIP: ‘A leading figure on the Parisian electronic music scene’
DJ Mag: ‘A true connoisseur of finesse in the key of electronic music